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Customer Surveys

Key to putting customers at the heart of your business, is to service and understand your customers better. Typically the margin on sales to existing customers is 10-12% higher than on new business, whilst supporting the  customer base is 30% of the cost of signing new business.

Most importantly measure the quality of all areas of your business by doing a Customer Satisfaction Survey....,

As experts we can advise you on the process and do the survey for you. We only carry out  surveys by telephone so that we can not only get answers, but hear the tone of voice of customers, and will often find new business opportunities.

Business Videos

So often in SMEs, problems are caused by poor communications with staff, suppliers, or customers. In 2010 we set up Falling Snow Productions, a video production company specialising in communications via the medium of film.

The company now provides video production services to many clients, offering professional, creative videos at an affordable price.

With videos ranging from short customer testimonials to how-to and training films, you can view a little more about this exciting company by clicking HERE and visiting

Staff Surveys

A successful company is usually backed by a satisfied staff. By carrying out a confidential survey of staff satisfaction, we can assist you to create a working environment in which talents are recognised, and staff feel engaged in the objectives of the shareholders.

Any survey should be carried out confidentially, and we will feed back to senior management, only the key areas of dissatisfaction or concern, but without names.

Companies who have undertaken such surveys, have usually experienced a major increase in morale and productivity, but more importantly, the improvement is recognised by customers.

Change Management

One of the greatest challenges in both our personal and business lives is the need to adapt to new circumstances. The difficulty is that implementing change is like stretching a rubber band. If you don't "hold" the stretch, things will quickly go back to the way they were.

We can help you with techniques and strategies to recognise the need for change in your business, identify, the changes required, and ensure that those changes "stick". In these times of economic change the old adage of "embrace change" becomes ever more relevant in ensuring the continuing success of your business. For more information on change management please click HERE to visit our sister web site 


Product Surveys

One of the biggest problems that companies encounter is that of developing the next product or service. Influences come from the sales team, the customers, and even articles in trade journals.

Overdeveloping or underdeveloping  can result in unnecessary costs, or poor performance in the marketplace. By carrying out a product requirements survey with your customers, we can provide you with a customer-centric development plan.

With this plan you can schedule developments, against a timeframe and a cost base, confident that the product or service will hit the market, and the customer base, with a high degree of success.

Corporate Mentoring

Nearly all large companies have recognised the need for non-executive directors at their boardroom tables. They help the company's management to "see the wood for the trees". This service is now available to SMEs, enabling directors to bounce ideas off someone independent.

Martin Stanton, our principal, has over 35 years of management experience as sales exec, manager, director, and CEO of companies from start-up to $100M multinational.

He can help to create change where your business needs it, but also offers himself as a sounding board in the development of your company.

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