Below are examples of clients who have been kind enough to say some nice things about us.

Elsatex Ltd - Stephen Lowe on Touchstone and Martin Stanton's contribution to the growth of his £5M textiles business.

Innovation Centre Medway - Delegate's comments on Martin Stanton's Sales Masterclass on "Putting Customers at the Heart of your business".

Alan Crump, MD of Alpha Office, said “Without Touchstone’s survey we would not have discovered that customers were going to the competition as a result of one very poor sales person. Since addressing this issue, the repeat business from that sales territory has increased significantly. Furthermore, the survey uncovered a furniture order valued at over £100k, with a margin that exceeded the cost of the survey by a factor of thirty”

Doug Hacking, Gunnebo’s sales director,  said “The survey carried out by Martin’s team was extremely important in identifying some problems within our service operation, which were damaging our opportunities for repeat business. The survey allowed us to improve that area of the operation, and we are now getting more 20% more business via existing customers”.

Richard Cripps, Managing Partner at Gullands in Maidstone commented “Bringing in Touchstone Surveys to carry out a client satisfaction survey enabled me to understand our clients far better and, as a direct result of the survey, we managed to retain a £20k per annum client. We were about to lose them as a result of a misunderstanding about the services we could offer. That client is now very happy, and we will ensure that our future communications are clear and unambiguous”.

Belinda Collins, Managing Director of Zest the Agency said “We recently commissioned a client satisfaction survey from Touchstone and were really pleased with the process and the work Touchstone completed for us. Martin was excellent at driving the project forward for us, providing the necessary elements we needed to approve and then executing the survey by letter, phone and email. They compiled a very succinct and thorough report for us which highlighted elements of our business that we need to draw attention to and build upon, as we had suspected. We’d definitely work with Martin and his team again and hope to commission top up surveys’ as appropriate. (Comment from Touchstone on 29th June 2017 - since that first survey we have carried out a further 4 surveys for Zest, and have another 3 in the pipeline to be started in the next 2 months.)

Judy Beale, Managing Director of  Scenic Blue commented "Martin's 3-hour  Sales Essentials workshops have provided our new franchisees with the skills and confidence to rapidly develop new and profitable businesses".