Business Planning

Sales Strategy

Creating an effective sales strategy is key to the success of your business. It starts with the recruitment and training of the right sales team, and follows on with appropriate targeting. Vital to the success of the sales operation are the 5 "M"s of any good sales team. Management, Measurement, Motivation, Mentoring and Marketing.

By putting in place the 5 "M"s, you will have a team that performs in a predictable fashion, and delivers profitable orders in line with expectations.  It is important to note that these disciplines are essential whether you have a single sales person (perhaps only the MD), a telesales team, or a field sales operation.

We have the experience to help you set up a successful and realistic sales strategy, whatever the business sector you are in. We can also assist in such processes as interviewing of candidates, and the training of sales managers to effectively manage the team.

Again it is vital that the sales plan should be costed, and that Measurement becomes a key element of the team's performance.

Business Consultancy

Whilst we can provide you with help in many parts of your business, we recognise that areas such as finance, logistics, accounting, development, and quality are also critical to the success of your company. Using our Trusted Partner programme, we have identified highly qualified individuals that can help you in any part of your company.

These associates will be well-known to Touchstone, and will enable us to provide "joined up" answers to some of the problems that you may have. Part of our role can be to act as "disruptors", who will question some of the practices and procedures that you have known since the inception of the company. Companies cannot always grow "doing what they have always done", and a customer survey may well expose issues that need change. We can help you to implement that change, with Mychange,Blue, a sister company of Touchstone Surveys.



In creating a successful business, it is vital that training becomes part of the on-going culture. Touchstone can offer you a wide range of training courses in our "Essentials" programme. Some examples of these courses include:

  • Selling Essentials

  • Marketing Essentials

  • Networking Essentials

  • Exhibiting Essentials

  • Change Essentials

  • Business Planning Essentials

  • Sales Management Essentials

  • Finance Essentials

  • Project Management Essentials

All courses run for half a day, are delivered on client site, and can normally accommodate up to 8 people. In addition, as part of our University programme, we deliver the following:

Life Cycle of a Business

Corporate Planning


One of the most daunting tasks for CEOs is often the production of a corporate plan, beneath which departmental plans operate. Yet the process can be simplified by establishing the needs of the shareholders, and visualising the most realistic means of getting to their objective.

We can guide you through this process, helping you to "see the wood for the trees", and following up with more detailed plans for the likes of Sales, Marketing, IT, Logistics, HR, Accounts, Development, and other parts of the business.

Frequently, your staff may have ideas on the means by which things can be done better, and with appropriate discussions (or a survey), their input can be vital to the development of a strategy for the business.